Considerate Attention Rendered with Empathy


Why  Choose Holistic Care?

The salon is typically the place where women schedule time for hair, nail + body care services. In my private studio, the business of life stops at the door. Where providing Holistic support like Meditation + Detox to  traditional beauty services is an exceptional experience and, an amazing opportunity to balance  your life on a regular basis.  Balance is the key to living. What goes in the body must come out, including unsupported feelings, for it to be happy, healthy + free.  So, processing, or giving the Body Recovery Time is crucial for today's technology driven lifestyle.

Why Detox Meditation?

Meditation in my American sensibility is being mindful of what we think about, say or do, with respect for yourself, others and the environment.  While today's  more modern view of meditation is going within for personal reflection + inner peace.  However, the brain never shuts off  it's natural instinct to think. An empty vessel at birth, it gets filled  with bundles of  confusing information not supportive of our goal to obtain a fulfilling lifestyle, and ultimately causes emotional despair. Detox Meditation helps filter the disruptive messages we receive by actively clearing space in the body for supportive imagery to exist. Chatting about the emotional insecurities  we all share, inevitably keeps us stuck in a reality that suppresses the heart.


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